Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Seen Beyonce - Cazwell

Song: I Seen Beyonce (feat. Jonny Makeup)
Artist: Cazwell
Album: I Seen Beyonce (single)

I love Cazwell, and think that in another time, he would be plucked out of NYC obscurity and have actual hit songs. But here in America… he’s just too gay. Cazwell returns with a new single, “I Seen Beyonce,” and while it might not be as upbeat and catchy as “All Over Your Face,” it’s a winner… with a very fun-but-cheap video.

I’ve heard his music called “Homohop” or referred to as “the gay Eminem,” though I think that is only because he’s white, blond, gay, and produces hip hop. Whatever you call him, I think he’s a fun addition to the world of pop music and wish he’d catch on a little more.


I Seen Beyonce

All Over Your Face

Watch My Mouth

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