Monday, September 15, 2008


Song: Crazy
Artist: Jem
Album: Down to Earth

I was a fan of Jem’s 2004 debut, “Finally Woken” and was eager to hear a follow up. Tomorrow will see the release of “Down to Earth’ her sophomore set of folktronica tunes. Jem doesn’t really stray far from the formula with her new album, covering a lot of the Dido-ish ground her debut showed.

Despite the sameness, the album is very pretty and enjoyable. Her music is often used in film and on TV (most recently “It’s Amazing” from “Earth” was featured in the “Sex and the City” movie) most likely for it’s easy-going vibe yet pointed lyrics.

I might have wanted a little more from Jem, but if you liked “Finally Woken,” you’re sure to dig “Down to Earth.”


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