Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Song: Carpetbaggers
Artist: Jenny Lewis
Album: Acid Tongue

Well, make it two for two for Jenny Lewis. Pretty hot off the heals of last year’s excellent Rilo Kiley album “Under the Blacklight,” Jenny releases her second solo album, “Acid Tongue” later this month. In my opinion, “Tongue” solidifies Lewis as one of the most import singer-songwriters to emerge in the last decade. The album is wildly eclectic, yet concise, jumping from country rock, gospel-tinged ballads, and atmospheric experiments.

It wasn’t until her first solo album, “Rabbit Fur Coat” that I started to pay attention to Lewis. While I loved that album, “Tongue” really makes that album seem timid. Lewis is in control with this record. “Carpetbaggers,” a rockin’ country duet with Elvis Costello is a highlight, as well as the slow burning title track.


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