Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ur So Gay

Song: Ur So Gay
Artist: Katy Perry
Album: One of the Boys

This one reeks a bit of novelty, but Katy Perry is getting a lot of buzz regarding her new album, which comes out later this month. After a listen I wonder if she’s the American answer to Lily Allen. Hmmm.

Katy Perry is California native raised by two pastor parents. And actually, she first released a gospel record in 2001 under the name Katy Hudson. Talk about a change of tune… now she sings about straight men who seem gay, and on her current single she tells us “I Kissed a Girl.” (which is not apparently, a Jill Sobule cover.) I like the bouncy quality of this song, yet it’s a one joke track… nothing compared to the wit of Ms. Allen’s “Smile” or “LDN.” But maybe I should hold off on my full criticism until I hear her entire record, “One of the Boys,” which will be released on the 17th.

It is, from my knowledge, the first anti-metrosexual song in existence and the fact that it comes from a female singer-songwriter is quite interesting. Has the metrosexual become ubiquitous? I know my straight girlfriends often like to play “Is he European or gay?” Are they’re too many Metrosexuals now for them to do this? And is there really a backlash?

The birth of the straight guy who likes to take care of himself (and is cultured, etc.) has been an “about time” moment for me, because it’s pretty much driven me crazy that men (thanks to the construct of our patriarchal society) could basically get away with being slobs and still feel that they should get the cute girl that takes care of themselves. Just because they’re, you know… “guys.” But (shock of all shocks) it has come to light that woman actually like a guy that takes care of himself (like the cliched gay man.) But do they? According to Ms. Perry… a backlash may be forming.


Anyhow, this song is cute if ultimately cloying. Send I to the metrosexual in your life… and watch the sparks fly.


Ur So Gay

I Kissed a Girl

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