Friday, June 20, 2008

(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy

Song: (Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy
Artist: Shona Laing
Album: Genre

And lastly, of your picks for obscure 80’s tracks, is another lesser know lady of the 80’s; Shona Laing. Shona is a New Zealand born musician whom started recording in the 70’s and had a slew of hit songs in her native country. She was briefly in the Manfred Man Music Band, and has continued recording throughout the years, right up to last years “Pass the Whisper.”

Shona two biggest hits include “(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy” from her 1985 album “Genre,” and “Soviet Snow, “ which was on here subsequent release “South,” from 1987. The video for “Soviet” got some play on MTV, though Laing never rose to that height afterward. (Allusions to struggles in the industry can be found on her official website.)

Chris, thank you for introducing me to this interesting character!

I want to thank you all for your suggestions for obscure 80’s week. I found a lot of great stuff, a bunch that I had never heard before, which I always dig.


(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy

Soviet Snow

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Briguy said...

I'm a big Shona Laing fan. I've never seen the LP you pictured, but here in the US she released the LP "South" on TVT records. It contained both "Glad I'm Not A Kennedy" and "Soviet Snow," which both received heavy airplay on WLIR/WDRE: "... Kennedy" was Shriek of the Week in August of '87, Soviet Snow was the Shriek of the Week in April, 1988.
I worked in a record store at the time and this LP sold quite well. I still have it on CD and have a listen every once in a while. She also opened for Erasure on their US tour at the time.