Monday, May 19, 2008

88 Lines About 44 Women

Song: 88 Lines About 44 Women
Artist: The Nails
Album: Mood Swing

It’s Obscure 80’s Week! And I want your input…

I’ve done 80’s week before but I’m bringing it back and would like to, dear readers, challenge you to give me an 80’s song that I don’t know. So for this week of highlighting 80’s songs that I love, please leave a comment in any of this week’s entries with an 80’s song you think I should know and I will post and review my favorite next week. I’m not sticking to strictly New Wave, despite my leanings. Thanks!

If it weren’t for 80’s compilations (which I was obsessed with in college) I probably wouldn’t have ever discovered The Nails truly bizarre, but totally fun quirky hit “88 Lines About 44 Women.” Which contains, literally… eighty-eight lines about, you guessed it, forty-four different woman. It’s funny, filled with wit, humor, and a fun song I think all should know.

The Nails formed in Colorado in the mid 70’s and moved to New York to seek their fame. Debut album “Mood Swing” was released in 1984 on RCA and “88 Lines” became their hit, and still biggest to date. Their albums were only just re-released on CD for the first time in 2003, but I haven’t honestly listened to them. I only really know this song… oops!

But my intention for this week is to find songs you may not know (and for you music head readers… cut me some slack!) and I think this one certainly fits the bill.

Do you know it?


From an 80’s Video Show


ellen k said...

q feel - orbital be-bop

ellen k said...

whoops, actually
q-feel - dancing in heaven

Heff said...

My best friend's sister used to have this song on a random mix tape, none of us ever knew where it was from but it was the best song on the mix tape. And now I haves its.

Briguy said...

I have been on an 80's kick lately - here's the most played songs from my playlist:

Sinful - Pete Wylie
Dream Kitchen - Frazier Chorus
Flowers - Psychedelic Furs
Bruiseology - Waitresses
Just What I Always Wanted - Mari Wilson

But most of all... if you can find an mp3 of "Drop Your Pants" by Hilary, you'll love it. I've got it on vinyl: