Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Burning for You

Song: Burning for You
Artist: The Blue Oyster Cult
Album: Fire of Unknown Origin

I can’t really confess to be a Blue Oyster Cult FAN per say, but I think they have two songs that truly belong in every music fan’s library. The first, probably without question, is “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” and the other, in my opinion, is “Burning For You” from their album “Fire of Unknown Origin.” Thanks to Saturday Night Live, “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” has become a bit of a joke, thanks to the Will Ferrall/Christopher Walken skit in which the band was recording the song and the producer’s (Walken) insistence on “more cowbell.” Hardy har. It’s a great song, moody, and was used to amazing effect in the opening credits sequence of the TV Miniseries “The Stand,” based on Stephen King’s epic book about a virus outbreak.

Check it out…

“Burning for You” was released in 1981 from the last album the Blue Oyster Cult did with their original lineup. It went to #1 on the rock charts and #40 on the pop charts. I really dig this song, and it’s just a reminder how much rock music has changed in the past couple years. For one, a lot of classic rock and 80’s metal that was hard core shit at the time has now been moved over to Lite FM stations, how crazy. At this rate we’ll be hearing Nine Inch Nails “Closer” paired up next to “Hungry Like the Wolf.” But then again in the day that was pretty racy. Times change.

Incidentally, many of the remaining songs on “Fire of Unknown Origin” were written for the animated, now cult classic film “Heavy Metal” (though only one made the cut) and continued with the Blue Oyster Cult’s tendency at very odd subject matter for their songs.


Burning For You

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Jimmy Ashmore said...

Love the girl dancing in the video, boy is she feeling the beat