Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Mating Game

Song: The Mating Game
Artist: Bitter:Sweet
Album: The Mating Game

It was my friend Ray (the disco connection) that introduced me to Bitter:Sweet and the song “The Mating Game.” It’s a great little trip-hop/house track that should probably be showing up in a car commercial any day now… unless it already has. It comes from the album of the same name, which I have not heard yet. The song, and album, are from 2006, Bitter:Sweet released a remix album just last year, and their follow up “Drama” is due this year. Their song “The Bomb,” which will be on the new record is the theme song to the latest “ladies in New York” show “Lipstick Jungle,” which I have not yet heard.

Oops… deeper research reveals it has been used in a commercial. Which now that I recall… was discussed at the listening party. I’m such a tool.

The song is fun, and should be a must on your next cocktail party playlist.


The Mating Game

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