Thursday, March 27, 2008

Destination Calabria

Song: Destination Calabria (Original)
Artist: Alex Gaudino w/Crystal Waters
Album: Destination Calabria (Single)

When I was doing research on Crystal Waters when writing about her criminally overlooked track “Come on Down,” I found out that she had leant vocals to a song by Alex Gaudino. I got “Destination Calabria” and really got into over the past month. Incidentally, my friend Melanie called me up in desperate need, “what’s the big club song with the horns?” Lucky for me, I was listening to the song a lot around this time and was able to name it just from that info… haha, I sounded a LOT more informed that I am. I’m coming clean Mel!

The track is now almost a year old and has had huge chart success in Europe, Australia, and anywhere else that isn’t the U.S. (sarcasm) It’s actually a mash up of Rune’s song “Calabria” and Gaudino and Waters song “Destination Unknown.” It’s a great song and a sure-fire four-to-the-floor anthem. When those horns kick in, building it up to the beat-heavy breakdown… well that ladies and gentlemen, it’s simply dancefloor Nirvana!


Destination Calabria

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