Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We’re Gonna Rise

Song: We’re Gonna Rise
Artist: The Breeders
Album: Mountain Battles

I’m a huge Breeders fan and since they are not very prolific, a new album is something to talk about for sure. Their debut “Pod” and their breakthrough “Last Splash” are two of my favorite records, and I really liked their long delayed third album “Title TK” which had very poor sales. Subsequently they were dropped form their label and have returned to 4AD for their fourth release “Mountain Battles” which will be released in April.

For “Title TK” the band released the slow, somber, but incredible “Off You” as first single, which I thought was an odd choice. The world may had been waiting, most likely for another “Cannonball,” their biggest and most recognizable song and instead they gave them something totally different. While there were more upbeat and catchy tracks, they went in another direction. Oddly, they have done the same for their debut single from “Mountain Battles.” “We’re Gonna Rise” is another slow and pretty track that while showcasing the strong songwriting ability of the band, doesn’t show their true power as a rock band.

Despite all of this I really like “We’re Gonna Rise” and can’t wait to hear the rest of “Mountain Battles.” With a Pixies reunion record seemingly not in the cards, The Breeders is what we have from Kim Deal, whom last wrote the only new Pixies song from their reunion, the punchy but odd “Bam Thwok.”



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