Friday, February 15, 2008


Song: Run
Artist: Gnarls Barkley
Album: The Odd Couple

One of the more surprising hits of 2006, Gnarls Barkley’s “St. Elsewhere” was a smash riding on the unstoppable popularity or it’s first, and immediately ubiquitous single “Crazy.” “Crazy” was a pretty amazing song, one in which hip-hoppers, hipsters, and pop fans alike seemed to dig. In the currently segregated music business it was no small feat. They didn’t have any other singles as big as “Crazy,” but the album sold well and was critically successful.

I liked “St. Elsewhere,” but didn’t LOVE it. I really like the production work of Danger Mouse and find his mix of soul, hip-hop, and electronic pretty amazing, and Cee-Lo is certainly a powerful and engaging lead man, with a killer voice. I found the last record a little plodding, despite the gems here and there. Better as a groovy mood record than a genre-hopping song cycle.

Given the popularity of “Crazy” the guys have a certain level of expectation to fulfill with the release of their sophomore set, “The Odd Couple.” They no doubt know this, and I am expecting something pretty amazing… pushing their sound forward. Recently a new track called “Run” had been leaked to the internet and is now officially a single. At the time of the leak, Danger Mouse described the song as “just one of about forty” that they had for the album. So there are questions if “Run” is actually the official first single… but it is now available for sale on iTunes.

It might not be fair then to try to review “Run” as the follow up to “Crazy,” which many are expecting. It’s a fun, break-neck speed track that sounds retro yet fresh at the same time. Totally Gnarls. I love the groovy sixties-ish vibe, and the beat is hot. I don’t think it’s “Crazy” catchy… what do you think?



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