Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'll Kill Her

Song: I’ll Kill Her
Artist: Soko
Album: Not Sokute

The latest MySpace sensation is French singer/actress Soko, born Stéphanie Sokolinski. Soko put up her acerbic tongue-in-cheek acoustic ballad “I’ll Kill Her” on her MySpace page back in 2006 and soon found a popular Danish radio station playing and hyping the heck out of it. It then went to number one in the Danish iTunes music store.

According to Soko… the current version of the song is more of a demo, as she wants to make a version “with a lot of colour and really big.”

She doesn’t have a record deal yet, but a proper album is in the works. Currently the five-song EP “Not Sokute” is available through iTunes, which includes “I’ll Kill Her. Despite this, she is selling out concerts.

I think the song doesn’t rise much above novelty, and her other tracks are okay… a bit forgettable. So I’m not sure she’s the next Lily Allen… but I love that people are still finding success and recognition in a great DIY way on MySpace. The business has certainly changed because of the internet, and Soko is just another reminder that it’s not just sales and how we obtain music that has changed… but also the way people “make it” into the biz.


I’ll Kill Her

She kinda comes across like a crazy bitch no?

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