Friday, January 18, 2008

Someone Great

Best of 2007

Song: Someone Great
Artist: LCD Soundsystem
Album: Sound of Silver

When I first heard “Sound of Silver” I remember thinking to myself that it could be album of the year. At the close of 2007 I felt the same, with many many listens proving the complexity and just awesomeness of what James Murphy has created with his sophomore album. I loved LCD Soundsystem’s self-titled debut, but I certainly didn’t expect something like “Sound of Silver.” It truly is an amazing record.

When I first wrote about the album I mentioned that it seemed like the first singer-songwriter dance record. Sort of a ridiculous claim, and certainly probably not true, but “Sound of Silver” is a true reflection of our times, our culture, and the people that are just trying to get by. I certainly don’t expect a lot of depth on the dancefloor (and I don’t consider “soul baring” house tracks deep) but that’s what you get with “Sound of Silver.” Lead single “North American Scum” was a perfect reflection on the American ideal, and the trend to discount the rest of the world, yet set to an infectious beat that wouldn’t be unwelcome at a get drunk and shake your shit dance-party. Political House?

In the center of the album you have the one-two punch of “Someone Great” and “All My Friends.” “Someone Great” is a slow-building, chime heavy, throbbing sad song about things long past… and the ability (and inability) to get over the loss. It’s abstract, and not clearly about anything specific, but as the listener… you do it yourself. When I first heard “All My Friends” it literally stopped me in my tracks. It is my favorite song of the year and one that I have yet to get tired of. It also has a slow build before exploding into an upbeat, and emotional, finale. It seems to me that this is what the Talking Heads would sound like now if they were still together. It’s a must hear.

As with any record that really pushes things forward and makes things seem suddenly exciting and new, I look forward to see what is next for James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem. The jump artistically from album one to this sophomore effort was certainly unexpected, and I am looking forward to going back to the future with album three.


All My Friends

Someone Great

North American Scum

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