Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hop a Plane

Best of 2007

Song: Hop a Plane
Artist: Tegan and Sara
Album: The Con

“The Con,” Tegan and Sara’s follow up to their 2004 album “So Jealous” was probably my most anticipated record of the year. I feel in love with the twin siblings from that record, a sweet collection of catchy guitar-based new wave songs, that literally did not leave heavy rotation on my iPod for the full three years before “The Con.” I suppose I could listen to the duo re-make “So Jealous” over and over again and be completely content, and while they did not completely abandon their new wave tendencies, “The Con” shoots to go a bit deeper, and succeeds.

I listened to “the Con” a lot this year, digging the pop sensibilities on tracks like “Hop a Plane” and “Back in Your Head” that fit the mold from “Jealous” but also was pleasantly surprised when they took elements from this style and took it just a bit further such as the title track, adding layers both lyrically complex with a touch of strange. They flirt with indie-techno on “Are You Ten Years Ago” and slow things way down (courageously) on the bookend tracks, “I Was Married” and “Call it Off,” without losing their knack for melody and sweet melancholy.

The record is ultimately more songs about love and relationships which are Tegan and Sara’s bread and butter, but there is a new maturity and depth within these songs. Even when the song is as poppy and catchy as “Hop a Plane” they balance the bop with cryptic lyrics that unfold as you re-listen; “All I need to hear is that you’re not mine.”

“The Con” was basically well received this year but has eluded the end-of-the-year accolades it deserves. Get this record, you’ll love it… and get the special edition with the DVD of the making of the record. You’ll soon fall in love with Tegan and Sara too.


The Con

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