Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nightless Night

Song: Nightless Night
Artist: Husky Rescue
Album: Ghost is Not Real

So here is a great surprise, a reader has introduced me to the coolest band from Finland called Husky Rescue. The names sounds a bit jokey, and not sure it really fits for them… but oh well, that’s not my bag. The band was formed by Marko Nyberg who recorded their debut, “Country Falls” with some twenty musicians. That record has a very Zero 7 quality to it, a Nordic trip hop song cycle that was released in 2002. I’ve only listened to it a few times, but it’s one of those moody records that’s great for either late-late at night, or early in the A.M. It’s very warm, and the production is pretty stellar. Surprisingly, the album garnered four singles… Pilar things here are different!

This year saw the release of “Ghost is Not Real,” their follow up, which was recorded with the touring band… which the band now consists of. The sound on this record is sort of like if The Cardigans decided to try to record what Radiohead might sound like if they did an Air record. That’s the best way I can wrap my head around it.

While it does stick to some elements of the “Country Falls” formula, it’s more of an album, with a beginning, middle, and end. (Perfectly split by the epic “Blueberry Tree” trilogy.) Speaking of epic, single “Nightless Night” is a seven plus minute upbeat number that is a voyage onto itself. Of course there is a single edit, (see video below) but the album version really shows off that this band has some big ideas… we might be hearing more from them, and hopefully here in the States.

I will recommend “Ghost is Not Real” a bit over the debut just because it seems a bit more interesting and varied… but if you’re into Zero 7 and Air and like a more breezy mood record then “Country Falls” is it. They’re both pretty great.


A couple videos… boy that lead singer is a knockout!

Nightless Night


Summertime Cowboy (From debut “Country Falls”)

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