Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Still in Love (12 inch mix)

Song: I'm Still in Love (12 inch mix)
Artist: Marcia Aitken
Album: Jonny Greenwood is the Controller

In between finishing Radiohead’s latest album “In Rainbows” and scoring the new Paul Thomas Anderson film “There Will Be Blood,” Jonny Greenwood put together a dub reggae collection entitled “Jonny Greenwood is the Controller.” It seems a bit out of nowhere… as reggae is one of the last genre’s I think of when discussing Radiohead, and while I have not heard any of Jonny’s solo stuff, I don’t believe this is the kind of music the man makes at all. But he’s a fan.

“Jonny Greenwood is the Controller” was released in march of this year and compiles seventeen tracks, almost seventy minutes worth of music, hand-picked by Greenwood from Trojan Records, a UK label founded in the late 60’s that specialized in reggae, ska, and dub. It’s a great collection, all the tracks have a similar vibe and it’s perfect for a little chill out and/or lazy afternoon.

I am not very familiar with this genre, but this collection seems top quality. Some of the participating acts are familiar by name, even though I am unfamiliar with their music. I really loved the lazy sweetness of Marcia Aitken’s “I’m Still in Love,” a track that stood out to me from first listen. Ironically, I recently was given Fatboy Slim’s latest “release,” his volume for the Late Night Tales series, and he includes the song (though in a shorter version named “Three Piece Suit” by Trinity.)


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