Thursday, November 29, 2007

Flux (12" Version)

Song: Flux (12" Version)
Artist: Bloc Party
Album: Flux Single

I’m not sure why, but I had gotten the impression that Bloc Party’s sophomore album “A Weekend in the City” was sort of overlooked, and possibly considered a disappointment. When their debut, “Silent Alarm” came out in early 2005 they were the next big thing (and riding the disco-rock wave) and sold a very solid million + records. While not as much, “Weekend” still has had sales of over 800,000 worldwide, which is absolutely nothing to sneeze at.

I sure didn’t listen to “Weekend” as much as I had “Silent Alarm,” but I think I am more to blame for this than the band. Despite only releasing one album, fans quickly put together a collection of “Weekend” b-sides that were incredibly strong, though very same-sounding as the tracks on the official album. While I did think it was an accomplished work and suitable follow up, I think it was just too much at one time, as I was listening to all the tracks at one time, and sort of had the same effect that the Chili Peppers latest double album did… I was too overwhelmed to take it all on.

So I recently found out that the band recorded a new single, “Flux,” and released it digitally. Like the post “Silent Alarm” single “Two More Years,” they have added “Flux” to a “Weekend in the City” deluxe edition, incorporating it into the official track list vs. just as a bonus track. Honestly, these type of things drive me crazy because it’s usually just a way for a band to get their obsessive fans to buy an album twice. Though with record sales declining as they have… I guess you just do what works.

What I am happy to report, is that “Flux” is pretty awesome… and shows what could be a new direction fro the band. It certainly sounds like a Bloc Party song, though this is the most overtly dance track they’ve done that wasn’t a remix. It starts with a familiar Bloc Party like beat, though more intense. Strange whooshing slashing noises pick up, and then a Gorgio Moroder style beat kicks in pushing things forward. Lyrically again it is very Bloc Party, with a plea for understanding in these uncertain times. I do not think it fits into “Weekend” like “Two More Years” fit into “Silent Alarm” but I am interested in the possible new direction.

After Madonna and Seal’s future-disco makeovers, could Bloc Party be next? Consider me listening! I dig the longer, more dramatic 12” mix of the track as it has more time to build and get where it goes. Single edit can be found in the video below.


Video for “Flux”

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