Thursday, October 25, 2007


Song: Stay
Artist: Shakespeare's Sister
Album: Hormonally Yours

Shakespeare's Sister would end up as just a footnote in the history of pop music, though their very successful sophomore album, “Hormonally Yours” showed promise for the band, reaching #3 on the UK charts and saw six singles released from the album, four making it to the top 40. The band was formed in 1988 by Siobhan Fahey whom had just left the pop trio Bananarama, she added American singer-songwriter Marcella Detroit to the group though despite sharing songwriting and singing duties, only became a 50% member for the second album. Their first, “Sacred Heart” featured only Fahey on the cover, videos, and writing credits. The bands name derives from a song by The Smiths.

Despite the strong positive response from the public for “Hormonally Yours” and singles “Stay” and “I Don’t Care,” the band split due to a bout of depression and “physical exhaustion” for Fahey. Though she “re-formed” the band (without Detroit) for one-off soundtrack songs for “The Flintstones” and “Shopping.” A restart/reinvention in 1996 proved unsuccessful and since Fahey has worked on variety of projects and maintained a fairly active fan community website started in 2002 and subsequently shut down in July of this year.

But for a moment in time, Shakespeare's Sister made quite a splash on the international music scene. They were quirky, visually arresting, and had a brand of left-of-center pop that seemed unique and going places. The duo’s style and videos actually got them in trouble when the “Stay” video was released. Due to their goth look and a scene in which they raise the dead, Germany dubbed them as “witches” and the video was banned. Crazy!

“Hormonally, Yours” is a great album, and “Stay” is a pop song that will endure in my humble opinion.



I Don’t Care

And you know you’ve made it in the U.K. when French and Saunders do you…

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