Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just Fine

Song: Just Fine
Artist: Mary J. Blige
Album: Growing Pains

I can’t really say I’ve been a HUGE Mary J. Blige fan, I have liked a lot of her songs, and do not contest her voice, which is amazing. I am a fickle Blige fan, content enough to latch on to the good singles and ignore the rest. A few years ago she released the monster single “Family Affair” which I consider her best upbeat work to date. It’s a flawless Dr. Dre production that ruled the airwaves at the time of its release. The album it came from, “No More Drama” is the only Mary album I own. I liked about half of it, despite its at the time unanimous critical praise.

It sort of shocked me to read that Mary had not only two albums that came out after “No More Drama” but a brand new one, “Growing Pains,” out next month. Even better was the fact that first single “Just Fine” is stellar… a winning mix of old school soul, up to date beats, and a positive “things are awesome!” outlook that you just don’t usually find in the Mary “my life is an awful, awful mess” Blige discography. You’ll hear odes to Michael Jackson, some killer Blige wailing, and just a great track… fun, upbeat, and yet I’m not sure I hear a hit. It doesn’t have the urban edge that “Affair” had so many years ago, but I must remind myself that Alicia Keys seems to be finding success in a song of similar ilk. Not a club banger, but upbeat, soaring, and now that I think of it… POSITIVE.

Actually the more I think about it the more I think these songs may play into a larger significance. There’s a lot of hurt, confusion, and disagreements going on in the world and while that is easy to become overwhelmed by, sometimes you just have to look around and think; “I’m just fine.” I completely welcome a new positivity to the world of pop music. I think it (and the world) needs it.

This is a good one.


Remember Mary…

Real Love

Be Happy

Family Affair

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Vik Liu said...

Saw the video premiere this morning on VH1 (not on YouTube yet), it's a very different Mary J. joint.
You can tell she's in a much happier place in her life now from the song, and I love that!