Thursday, October 18, 2007


Song: DUI
Artist: Har Mar Superstar
Album: The Handler

While I usually don’t find much enjoyable about novelty acts (or songs) if something is catchy, fun, and a bit ‘wink-wink’ enough I usually fall prey. (See Electric Six and The Darkness.) I suppose the reason being is that they are often not very good. Anyone with an actual knack for music usually goes a bit more serious. In the case of the aforementioned Electric Six and The Darkness, they mix their goofy lyrics and over the top tunes with actual melody, arrangement, and killer playing. I unfortunately think these bands aren’t respected enough because they are written off as jokes, and while Electric Six keeps plugging away at making new music The Darkness had a massive first album but the second went nowhere, despite being rather good, and soon after the lead singer went to rehab. But that’s so in right now anyhow.

Har Mar Superstar is another novelty act that actually has some musical talent. The guy look slike Ron Jeremy, but sings like he’s Prince. (Actually you should check out his dead-on Prince take “Sextape.” It’s “Delerious” meets… well, Paris Hilton.) I haven’t been intrigued enough to go out and purchase a full record, but I heard his song “DUI” and really loved it. It was fun, ridiculous, but musically pretty accomplished.


See this goofball at work:

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Josh said...

Actually just took another listen to this song... I love the lyrics!