Monday, September 10, 2007

Chelsea Rodgers

Song: Chelsea Rodgers
Artist: Prince
Album: Planet Earth

While I would say I am a Prince fan, I am not a super-fan. Meaning, I have not gotten ever single album of his, poured over his b-sides, or followed the numerous protégés that have been guided by Prince. The man is certainly prolific, but that’s part of the problem… his albums are usually wildly uneven, but contain a track or two that prove that Prince still has it.

Prince’s latest, “Planet Earth” is also wildly uneven and sounds a lot like his last record “3121.” It might just be me, but slow jam after slow jam has me fighting off sleep, and it’s a lot of work to keep up with Prince because the albums seem to come about once a month. I am exaggerating of course, but because this is Prince I feel it my musical duty to try to keep up a little and find the gold within. Last record had the should-have-been-a-hit “Black Sweat” which was one of the funkiest, minimalist cool tracks the dude has put out in a while. The video was sexy… but it didn’t register with the public. Why?

On “Planet Earth” I have found salvation in what I have found out is the second single (after the so-so “Guitar.) The funk-party that is “Chelsea Rodgers.” The song starts off with the ridiculous statement “A model… used to be a role model.” (Umm… when? Is this before or after they were super?) But then Prince schools you no matter, telling the tale of kick-ass model who was/is (?) basically the hottest thing around. She’s at every party, but is apparently very well read. I suppose I am not getting the full picture here, but enjoyed these lines:

“Chelsea don’t eat meat, still got butt like a leather seat.”

And “The day that we stop counting, we live as long as a tree.”

Not to mention his repeated demand toward the end to “Shake it like a juicy juice.” Yes Sir!

While I have often said that there should be someone keeping track of all the Prince stuff so you could know what the good songs were. (As I certainly still do not have time to wade through the three disc “Emancipation” or four disc “Crystal Ball”) But I understand that this is patently ridiculous. Because Prince is many things to many people… I couldn’t get into “Musicology” but many loved it. So unfortunately we have to do all of our Prince work. And is that so bad?


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