Monday, September 24, 2007


Song: Amazing
Artist: Seal
Album: System

I can’t say that I am a huge Seal fan, don’t own any of his albums, and have found the ones I have been able to listen to to be inconsistent if not out-right boring at times. And while I love early singles “Crazy” and “Killer,” if I never hear “Kiss From A Rose” again in my life I will surely be better off. Since that monster single his artistic output has had its issues commercially, and again while I am not a huge fan I thought the dance-pop oddity from London deserved more. I was immediately interested when I heard not only would he be returning to the dance sound of his debut, but that he was working with non-other than Stuart Price for the entire album, the man behind Madonna’s “Confessions on a Dancefloor.”

First single “Amazing” is a euphoric, dancefloor-ready builder that I actually quite like after a few listens. I do love Seal’s voice, and I suppose my only complaint is that it’s so sunny-sounding. What made Seal so intriguing when he debuted were a) his image, and b) the dark tones of his music… which just fit with everything about him. This is a small, and admittedly silly gripe, so I will be looking forward to when “System” his fifth proper studio record (and only second not entitled “Seal”) comes out in November.


Love’s Divine, his last semi-hit

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