Monday, August 13, 2007

Get The Party Started

Song: Get The Party Started
Artist: Shirley Bassey
Album: Get The Party Started

The Shirley Bassey remix album from 2001 fully introduced me to the 60's singer and ger BIG voice. The jazzed up versions of Bassey hits such as "Goldfinger" and "Where Do I Begin?" were perfect for trendy lounge parties or hipster chill outs. I played the record a lot, and was particularly fond of the Kelly Dope remix of her cover of "Light My Fire." No doubt because of the success of the album, Bassey has recorded an entire album of new covers and original tracks, produced or mixed in the same groovy style.

For the most part, "Get The Party Started" is an okay record but it does drag as it goes along. The covers come in shouldn't have ("I Will Survive",) Questionable (Lionel Ritchie's "Hello",) and so bad it's good; ("Big Spender.") Actually, "Big Spender" reminded me the most of the 2001 remix album both in its vibe and the more-is-more approach to vocal heroics. Hearing the Broadway tune sung big, big, BIG with the techno beats in the background is no doubt effective... depends on how it grabs you.

While I initially thought this title track, a cover of the Pink hit, was a little too high concept and ridiculous I managed to add it to a few recent party playlists to judge the reaction, as a re-worked but recognizable song can usually be a hit. Nobody ever asked me who it was, but on a few recent nights out I have heard it played, cleverly, after one of Pink's latest singles. ("Who Knew," and "U + Ur Hand.") So it is getting some play anyhow, could be a an out-of-left-field hit in the making? Not sure, but it's worth a few spins.


The CRAZY James Bond meets "Eyes Wide Shut" video:

"Where Do I Begin"

Please search YouTube for some vintage Shirley performances, they are unfortunately all un-bloggable. Watching her sing "Goldfinger" and "Diamonds Are Forever" are really amazing... and incidentally, did you know she is the only artist to sing more than one Bond theme? ("Moonraker" being her third.)

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