Thursday, May 31, 2007

New York is a Woman

Song: "New York is a Woman"
Artist: Suzanne Vega
Album: Beauty & Crime

I went pretty bananas for Suzanne Vega’s album “99.9F” and have been a big fan since. Her debut ranks with some of the best in music history, she had possibly the craziest pop one-hit-wonder with a song about child abuse (“Luka”,) and… she like totally loves New York City. Out of nowhere (because of an extensive hiatus between records) comes a new album for 2007, “Beauty and Crime.” Her first, notably, on Blue Note. (She’s been with A & M Records since her debut.)

After the dour, post-divorce “Songs in Red and Gray” from 2001, I am happy to say that Suzanne is having fun again. After the one-two punch of the upbeat “99.9F” and “Nine Objects of Desire,” it’s nice to see her return to something more up-tempo. Kick-off track “Zephyr & I” bounces along with a persistent beat and a groovy bass lick that is new for Vega, and lead single “Frank & Ava” is folk rock with enfaces on the “rock.” Really good stuff.

My immediate favorite was the slower “New York is a Woman,” a beautiful walk through a beautiful city that once again reminds me just how plain GREAT a songwriter Vega is.

I for one am glad she is back.


Some of my favorites…

“Blood Makes Noise”

“Caramel (live)”

“Tom’s Diner (DNA Remix)”

And this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen…

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