Monday, May 21, 2007

All of My Friends

Song: All of My Friends
Artist: Franz Ferdinand
Album: All of My Friends (Single)

So I am just a touch obsessed with LCD Soundsystem as of late, only because their new record, “Sound of Silver” is just THAT good. It currently holds the place for record of the year in my eyes and while it is still early, I have a feeling it will no doubt find itself on many many critics year-end lists.

This month sees the release of the single “All of My Friends,” the centerpiece of the album and my favorite of the bunch. The single is interesting because it has a handful of B-Sides and covers of the song by Franz Ferdinand and Velvet Underground legend John Cale. I have flipped for the Franz cover, they go much more punk than the original, making it more in the vein of the 80’s New Wave that lead LCD James Murphy loved versus just Franz Ferdinanding it.

If I am honest the B-Sides have a lot to be desired, much more ambient and atmospheric than the traditional song-based writing that can be found on the album. Also, while I understand that there must be a single edit, the 7 + minute album version is just better all around. The song is about the build, and without the proper time given I think it is robbed of its true emotional impact.

I told you… I’m obsessed!


The video for “All of My Friends”

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