Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer

Song: I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer
Artist: The Cardigans
Album: Super Extra Gravity

You probably know Sweden’s The Cardigans best from their international hit “Lovefool” from 1996. Here in America, the song became huge after being in “William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet” starring Leo DiCaprio and Claire Daines. I remember getting the album “Lovefool” was on, “First Band on the Moon” after it was getting a lot of buzz on the alternative circuit and when I first heard it I though… “this is going to be a hit.” I was right!

I really liked the entire “First Band” album, it had a crazy 60’s vibe and I subsequently got the prior album “Life,” which was actually a mix of their debut “Emmerdale” and the European version of “Life.” If felt like more of the same, but I actually liked it better, with single “Carnival” being a favorite. (Honestly, since the records are so similar I don’t really listen to “First Band” much, “Life” gets all the play.

Their follow up, 1996’s “Gran Turismo” (yes named after the game) went into a completely different direction of upbeat electroni-rock and it stands as my favorite of all their records. There was no hit the size of “Lovefool” on the record and it came and went quietly. Because of this, their next record, 2003’s “Long Gone Before Daylight” wasn’t released here in the U.S. and I must admit… I never got it. I do have a song on the record, “And Then You Kissed Me” which is a quiet lilting ballad, which apparently is a good representation of the whole record. I actually love that song… and should probably get the whole record.

But I DID get the follow up, “Super Extra Gravity” that once again sees the band go in a new more rock direction. While I never really connected with it, and initially thought first single “I Need Some Fine Wine,and You, You Need to Be Nicer” was just so-so, with an annoying title. But it has grown on me, and as I write this I’m listening to the record and enjoying. It needs a second chance from me!

Lead single Nina Persson has an amazing angelic voice that I have always liked and it seems to fit whatever style they decide to be writing in. While I repeatedly stated that they “went in a new direction” for each record I think that is the incorrect thing to say. The Cardigans simply write ALBUMS, like the best artists and bands that make a collection of songs a complete artistic statement, versus just another collection of songs. Go out and buy some, you won’t regret it.


Here are a few different videos from different albums, you’ll see what I mean:

“Carnival,” from “Life”

“My Favorite Game” from “Gran Turismo” (This one was banned from MTV because it contained “reckless driving.” Please.)

“You’re the Storm” from “Long Gone Before Daylight”

“I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer”

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nato said...

i was (am still, i guess) a big fan of the cardigans. bought life when i came out, saw them three times in concert, followed their career until long before... might i suggest downloading 'communication' off of long before... i think its one of my favorite songs of theirs.