Friday, March 02, 2007

Big Girl (You are Beautiful)

Song: Big Girl (You are Beautiful)
Artist: Mika
Album: Life in Cartoon Motion

Every once in a while something comes along that grabs you so strongly right out of the gate that you are forced to sit up, pay attention, and recognize it as something of importance. Usually this is pretty personal, as music often is, and sometimes a band or artist will do this and it will catch on and become widespread, just because they are doing something so different sonically. In my lifetime I think of Beck, Nirvana, Missy Elliot, etc… music that seems different and strikes an immediate chord. My last big moment like this was the Scissor Sisters, which I was able to get in on pretty early. They took influences form the past and made something very new and fresh, and that is what Mika is doing with his debut album, “Life in Cartoon Motion.”

Mika hails from London, born in Lebanon but raised there as well as in Paris. His sound is Elton John meets Queen with a splash of Broadway flamboyance. The Scissor Sisters are a good touchstone as far as contemporaries, though it seems with Mika, we have found someone that likes falsetto even more than Jake Shears! The songs are mostly upbeat and immediately catchy. As a matter of fact, I JUST got this album yesterday and am already over the moon about it. I had heard mention of him for a while but had yet to hear anything from him. Apparantly there is some confusion if he is gay or not, and if he is out of the closet or not… I am trying to avoid all of this media garbage as I want to have a clear head and just take the music as is.

First single “Grace Kelly” is a revelation, and I have a feeling (if there is justice) that you will be hearing a lot of it very soon, but I am getting a kick out of “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” which is Mika at his most camp, and no doubt a nice “follow up’ to Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls.” The album is filled with one high-kicking pop gem after another, including “Love Today” which has a propulsive “9 to 5-esque” piano stomp, and “Relax (Take it Easy)” which has a fun elctro-dance beat. Take a trip to his MySpace page to hear some more from the album, but better yet… just go get it when it comes out at the end of the month!

I can’t stop listening, and am hoping it stays hold a-la the Sisters and is not just a sweet, love-it then you’re over it like Junior Senior. Time will tell.


Check out the video for lead single, the GREAT “Grace Kelly”

And him performing the song live

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