Thursday, February 01, 2007


Song: Killer
Artist: Seal
Album: Seal

Seal’s “Crazy” was a bit of a surprise hit here in the States in 1991. It went to number fifteen in the U.K. yet managed to go to number seven here, despite its acid house vibe which was VERY European at the time. The self-titled debut did well here with the help of the single, as did the also self-titled sophomore album which came three years after, in 1994. But Seal really became a household name near the end of 1995 and into 1996 as he watched his song “Kiss from a Rose,” also included on the “Batman Forever” soundtrack become a monster hit on Adult Contemporary radio.

I’ve always liked Seal, never LOVED him, but do love a lot of his songs. If I’m honest I must say that while I really dug 1994’s “Seal” I think “Kiss from a Rose” got totally played out when it was big and one of those songs that I never probably need to hear again.

My favorite though, is “Killer,” which was actually the song that got him his record deal. It’s such an evocative song, mysterious, and cinematic. George Michael covered it a few years later; making a medley of that with “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” that is actually also quite good.

I fell away from Seal and haven’t heard the two follow up albums, 1998’s “Human Being” and 2003’s “Seal IV” though have heard really good things about the former, but have not heard as much as a single. Though with his self titled debut he brought in the 90’s and an era where music seemed like it could go anywhere. Unfortunately, possibly due to the “alternative” boom, European-leaning pop really started to stay in Europe.


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