Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Find My Soul

Song: Find My Soul
Artist: Sally Shapiro
Album: Disco Romance

Sally Shapiro is yet another Swede making great pop music you probably haven’t heard before. Her debut album, “Disco Romance” comes out in April, a cute slice of mid-tempo electronica that reminds me of a less-pop Dido, or Annie at her more mellow moments. It’s very much a “clean-the-house” record as it sort of seeps into the background and doesn’t command too much attention. That is not a bad thing, because I actually quite like the album, it just doesn’t overdue it with the in-your-face pop hooks. Are we sure she’s Swedish?

“I’ll Be By Your Side” is the first single, but I am gravitating more toward third track “Find My Soul.” It’s a little 80’s, a touch cheesy… but I don’t know I just LIKE it. Sally is unassuming enough, maybe I’m just routing for an unconventional pop star. Apparently she doesn’t do interviews, which may prove an issue with getting her out there. You can hear more tracks on her MySpace page.


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