Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Space Maker

Song: Space Maker
Artist: Air
Album: Pocket Symphony

Happy New Year!

While I had said to myself that I would shift my focus on so much new music and reach back to songs and artists that meant something to me way back when in the beginning of this new year, I got something new that I thought I should talk about.

On March 1st, Air will release their new LP “Pocket Symphony.” I’ve been a huge fan of theirs since the 1998 debut breakthrough “Moon Safari,” and absolutely loved their last record “Talkie Walkie.” Upon several spins of “Symphony” I am sorry to say that it is rather boring. I enjoyed Jean-BenoĆ®t Dunckel’s (one half of the band) solo side project “Darkel” which came out last year more, though even that seemed a little limp to me. To be fair, Air’s music isn’t attention grabbing, but they make some of the best chill out music around, and while the songs are soothing, light, and downtempo, I would never call them boring. That said, this new record reminds me of their soundtrack for “The Virgin Suicides” in that the collection seems less composed of songs but more just an entire “vibe” that sweeps over the entire record.

I am still listening, but if you are interested in Air I would highly recommend you start with “Moon Safari” or “Talkie Walkie.”


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