Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Black Magic

Song: Black Magic
Artist: Jarvis Cocker
Album: Jarvis

Jarvis Cocker formed his influential band Pulp when he was fifteen in 1978. Since it’s inception it has changed members, musical styles, and degrees of success many times over. It wasn’t until 1995’s smash success “Different Class” that saw them at the forefront of the Brit-pop music scene. Lead single “Common People” is considered a classic in the UK, a song I flipped for, along with “Disco 2000” also from “Different Class.” I can’t say I loved the entire record, or the subsequent releases yet I must admit that I honestly feel I haven’t given them proper listens as most music critics (and hipster fans) wet the bed talking about the band.

This year Jarvis has released his first solo record and I really have been enjoying it. It sounds very much like Pulp, but a little less disco. To me it sounds like he wanted to write a great Elvis Costello record. First single “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time” sounds almost like Springsteen, and controversial hidden bonus track “Ruling the World” made a great end credits song for “Children of Men.” Probably because of the “Crimson and Clover” steal, “Black Magic” has been the one making me smile every time it comes on.


Running the World:

Don't Let Him Waste Your Time:

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