Friday, January 19, 2007


Song: Alive
Artist: VHS or Beta
Album: Night on Fire

I first heard of VHS or Beta when they happened to be opening for the Scissor Sisters back in 2005. I immediately liked their dance-rock vibe and had the last song they played, the title track to their latest record “Night on Fire,” in my head long after they, and the Scissor Sisters played. Based on this performance I got some of their singles, including “Night on Fire” and immediately was in love. I bought the album and while I didn’t think it was a home run, thought it had at least five killer songs on it, which is more than good for fleeting bands in the disco-rock genre.

Upon further investigation I found that the band was heavily influenced by Daft Punk and that their debut album, 2002’s “Le Funk” was basically a Daft Punk homage, comprised entirely of instrumentals. This put the instrumentals on their vastly superior sophomore album, 2004’s “Night on Fire” in a different context. It seems they were growing, and it makes me very excited to hear new material. (Their official website simply says they are recording new demos “soon.”)

Of all the songs on the latest record the one I really connected with most was “Alive” which surprisingly, was never made a single. This song is very poetic and while I don’t quite understand everything that is being said here, at times I feel it’s just about healing, and the fact that there is so much in life to drives us apart… yet we are helped along by “angels shooting stars” and that’s what makes us “alive.”

It’s a great song, and one that I think can really connect with people. It belongs in the end credits of a great movie about what makes us human. Or at least one that I have running in my head…

This one will take you through the weekend, to “feel alive in the move from Sundays.”


Here’s the video (which isn't very good) for the ‘should have been massive’ first single and title track:

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