Friday, December 22, 2006

Listen Up!

Song: Listen Up!
Artist: The Gossip
Album: Standing in the Way of Control

Olympia, Washington’s (by way of Searcy, AR) The Gossip are a dance-rock act that combine bluesy guitar riffs with persistent drum patterns melded together with lead singer Beth Ditto absolutely amazing voice. This girl can sing, she can wail actually… and has been called the best singer in rock music today by some.

I fist heard about the Gossip a couple years ago when I heard their song “Fire Sign” on a compilation. I liked it, but really dig their new dancier direction on “Standing in the Way of Control.” The title track was the first single and Le Tigre did an amazing remix that I actually liked a touch more than the original. “Listen Up!” is a slow-building call to arms about “people you just can’t trust.” While it’s a little simplistic, Ditto’s voice commands attention, and you are taken away with the song.

I recommend this entire record if you dig this track. It’s very consistent and great for a Friday night.


Here is the video for "Listen Up!":

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midnight lounge said...

I like this group a lot, and my my first impression was "fuck yeah. she's so unconventional rock, I love it!"

I'm hoping for big things.