Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Know I Know I Know

Song: I Know I Know I Know
Artist: Tegan and Sara
Album: So Jealous

One of my hands down favorite albums of late 2004 was Tegan and Sara’s “So Jealous.” A fun poppy mix of new wave synths and distinct harmonies with songs about love and more love. Tegan and Sara, twin lesbians from Calgary, got their start by scoring the highest ever score at Calgary’s “Garage Warz” music competition. They signed to Neil Young’s Vapro Records in 2000 and have since released three records. Their debut “This Business of Art” and the follow up, “If I Was You” were more folk-pop affairs that “So Jealous” which kicked in the guitars, drums, and sing-a-long quotient.

“So Jealous” reminded me of Linda Ronstadt’s 80’s pop record “Mad Love” with a touch of Joan Jett-lite attitude, but a tenderness is found lyrically. It is almost impossible to highlight just one song as they are all so good. From the hyper-catchiness of first single “Walking With the Ghost,” the rock-pop bounce of “I Bet it Stung” and “Speak Slow,” or the gentle heartbreak of down-tempo songs “Where Does the Good Go” and “I Can’t Take It.”

I really can’t recommend this album enough if you like their sound even a little bit. “I Know I Know I Know” has a fun moog keyboard break by The Rentals Matt Sharp (formerly of Weezer) and is a good representation of the complete sound of the record. I could kick myself for not seeing them when they toured, but I will just have to wait for a new record and new tour. Or, I could just go out and get their recently released DVD “It’s Not Fun, Don’t Do It.”


Here is the moody video for “Walking With the Ghost”:

And the goofy-funny video for “Speak Slow”:

And a teaser for the album:

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