Monday, November 06, 2006

Love Me Or Hate Me

Song: Love Me Or Hate Me
Artist: Lady Sovereign
Album: Public Warning

I’m really surprised by the push Britian’s Lady Sovereign is getting here in the States for her new album “Public Warning.” While hip-hop is still the most popular form of music currently being released in the U.S., Lady Sovereign’s more Grime influenced hip-hop, while popular in the U.K., has not yet made the impact here. With major support from Jay-Z, and the media making tons of noise about “the biggest midget in the game,” Lady Sovereign has the chance to expand the current scope of today’s hip hop. I really liked her EP that came out a few months ago and “Public Warning” is a nice mix of her brash humor-soaked delivery with a variety of fresh beats and fresh point of view. “Love Me Or Hate Me” is the first single and along with “Random,” comprise my favorite songs thus far on the album. Just try getting either chorus’ out of your head after just one listen.


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