Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Buy The Drugs

Song: I Buy The Drugs
Artist: Electric Six
Album: Switzerland

I had wanted to highlight Electric Six for some time because I had really enjoyed their first two albums, 2003’s “Fire” and 2004’s “Senor Smoke.” Electric Six could be grouped along with other joke-metal bands like The Darkness, though they mix disco, funk, punk, and new wave into their goof-ball rock. You might know them best from the singles on “Fire,” “Danger! High Voltage” with guest vocals by The White Stripes Jack White, and “Gay Bar” which had one of the funniest videos I’d ever seen. Lead singer “Dick Valentine” (ah… probably an alias) is the only one remaining member from the original lineup, which changed completely for album #2. “Smoke” took a year to get released here in the States, but their latest album “Switzerland” just so happened to be released simultaneously both here and in Europe. I just found out yesterday that they had released the “Senior Smoke” follow up, which came out last month.

Once again the lineup changed for this album, which makes me think that Mr. Valentine might be a touch difficult to deal with… I don’t know. Despite the change in band members, “Switzerland” continues Electric Six’s dance rock vibe and lyrics with tongue firmly planted in cheek. With lines like “Be my, be my, be my dark angel, be my, be my, be my… Capri Sun!” or “If money talks then I’m a mime” it is hard to take anything much Electric Six do as serious. But under the joke-y exterior, you’ll find some killer rock songs on these records. One of my favorites, “I Invented The Night” from debut “Fire” has a ridiculous title, but is actually a killer rock song about betrayal, hurt, and jealousy. You’ll be laughing at yourself for singing along to some these songs, yet Valentine manages to deliver these joke lines pretty convincingly. “Three, two, one I’m the bomb… and I’m ready to go off in your shit.” I love it!

I haven’t had much time with “Switzerland,” but a lot of the album seems like classic Electric Six. There are a few songs, “I Buy The Drugs” included, that by the third listen was in love with. Despite the jokes, they make songs that are just plain listenable.

I highly, highly, recommend the first two albums and it seems given a few more spins I will be doing the same for “Switzerland.” Electric Six strike again… but will the world listen?


The quality is a little poor, but here is one (of three) videos for "Gay Bar."

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