Monday, November 27, 2006


Song: History
Artist: Madonna
Album: Jump Single

Last week saw the network premier of Madonna’s “Confessions” tour on NBC (replaying this Thursday on Bravo.) As this was a Madonna show, it was of course not without controversy. Conservative religious groups took issue with Madonna’s performance of “Live to Tell” which started with the pop star raised up on a disco-ball like cross a-la Jesus complete with crown of thorns. While the intent of the performance was to raise awareness of the growing orphan situation in Africa due to AIDS… using quotes from Chapter 25 of the Gospel of Matthew, and the cross thing, proved too much and NBC caved to growing protest.

I do find it unfortunate that re-interpreting the bible or using its universal language to highlight situations in our world that demand attention from the apathetic public is somehow considered against the bible or God, and therefore unfit for the general public. Old Madonna may have fought this decision a bit more, but new, mature Madonna found another way to get her point across.

See it here:

While her music may be aimed at the dance floor, lyrically Madonna is looking back and forward at our world and society and wondering what on earth we are doing to each other. B-Side “History,” recently released on the new “Jump” single addresses this and aims for some universal understanding between us all. Amen!

I hear that there is a better, shorter remix of this song which has not been officially released. I like this one just fine and feel it could have easily been included on the “Confessions” album.


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