Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wind it Up

Song: Wind it Up
Artist: Gwen Stefani
Album: Sweet Escape

Sounds like a mash up of "Milkshake," "My Humps," and well... I guess "Hollaback Girl." Gwen's got a new single, which seemed to come out of nowhere, with another album coming out in December. It's got yodeling and the lyrical weight of, well... "Hollaback Girl."

I actually absolutely loved Gwen's solo debut, "Love, Angel, Music, Baby" and monster hit "Hollaback" aside, it contained some of the best 80's influenced pop I'd heard since that became cool again. Semi-ballads "Cool" and "The Real Thing" felt like lost classics to me, which I assume is exactly what she was going for.

While "Wind it Up" seems to be going for the urban market, and biting a style she semi-created, I still look forward to the new album, as I am sure it is bound to hold a surprise or two that will elevate things from the Fergie level that I feel this song is on. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)


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greg s said...

I was a little disappointed with this one... aside from the fact that it came out on the coattails of Fergie's "London Bridge," both this and "London..." mimic a style that Missy Elliot has been rockign with for years. Too little, too late, Gwen... maybe you should start doing songs for your little kids.