Friday, October 06, 2006

Run 4 Cover

Song: Run 4 Cover
Arist: Basement Jaxx
Album: Crazy Itch Radio

Basement Jaxx are comprised of production duo Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton. They met in the late 90’s and began creating house anthems that quickly garnered attention from all areas of the dance underground both in Europe and here in the States. After a single from one of their early EP’s (“Flylife”) became a top 20 hit in England in mid-1997, they were courted by every major label for their debut. Ultimately signing to indie XL Recordings, “The Jaxx” put out their debut record, “Remedy” in 1999.

I purchased “Remedy” in my last year of college just as I was beginning to start DJing parties. I hadn’t gotten into techno, didn’t know what “house” music was, actually aside from L.A. Style’s record, I didn’t get a techno record until Fatboy Slim’s breakthrough “You’e Come A Long Way Baby.” “Remedy” was a revelation to me as I honestly had never heard anything like it before. The States aren’t as big into dance music as they are in Europe so without going out and buying these records, you can’t really hear them. Songs such as “Red Alert,” “Bingo Bango,” and “Rendez-Vu” careened at such break-neck speed, but beyond that, each song was something new, exciting, and completely modern and fresh.

Subsequent albums proved just as innovated and better yet, good from start to finish. It’s odd to have a dance outfit have much more than a few great singles. The Jaxx actually made great dance ALBUMS. I would recommend all of them.

This month saw the release of their fourth full length album, “Crazy Itch Radio.” I must admit, this record has not blown me away. I suppose I have come to expect them to re-invent dance music with each new release which is admittedly unfair. There have been a few tracks I have really liked off this record but it doesn’t seem to be the track for track blockbuster that they have been able to accomplish with their last three albums. Despite this, I am having a hard time picking which track to highlight. After going back and forth I’ve decided to select “Run 4 Cover” which is their “Grime” song. (One of the things that is remarkable about them is how they seem to be able to tackle any genre, and make a killer song out of it.) “Run 4 Cover” does showcase what the Jaxx are all about, very British non-stop noise, and a beat you can not resist.

I suppose it might be best to start with last year’s “The Singles” collection if you are really interested in Basement Jaxx, which includes their pre-XL singles, as well as all the hits from the first three albums. If you like this at all you’ll love that entire collection.

This one will keep you moving all weekend.


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