Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Four to the Floor (Thin White Duke Remix)

Song: Four to the Floor (Thin White Duke Remix)
Artist: Starsailor
Album: Four to the Floor, Pt. 1 (Single)

In my opinion it’s pretty rare when a remix surpasses the original work. Maybe it’s because of my pop tendencies, I don’t know, but I find that while I can be down and truly enjoy a killer remix, usually the (for the most part) shorter album or single versions work better on the iPod while going to work, or even in the car. I’m pretty convinced that the majority of remixes are made specifically for people on mind-altering drugs, which is fine I suppose but for the most part, in my life, I am not on mind-altering drugs and therefore don’t need a fifteen-minute extended remix of “Sexyback.” Come to think of it, most music that is made specifically for those under the influence pretty much blows anyhow. (See Pink Floyd)

[And yes I said Pink Floyd. While I can go along with a couple of their tunes for the most part “boring” doesn’t even begin to describe how plodding and uninteresting their music is to me.]

Speaking of boring… the original version of Starsailor’s “Four to the Floor” was absolutely delivered straight from Snore City. The song, taken from their second album “Silence is Easy” released in 2004, is just another woozy shoegazer tune like most of their material. I haven’t heard this whole record, I fell for the positive reviews of the debut, 2002’s “Love is Here” but found it to be consistently boring throughout. Maybe it’s just not my thing. (They have a new album that came out this year as well, although I haven’t heard one song off of it.)

But, as I started to say, along comes the always dependable Thin White Duke to do a remix that truly outshines the original. Maybe because it’s so epic, and really takes you on a journey does it work beyond the basically grounded album version. While it is long(ish) it builds and builds slowly making the lyrics hold more weight than in the wishy-washy original. The song seems to be about a man suddenly understanding his love for a woman while he reflects on the mess his life was, with what he imagines for their future. It’s pretty simple, but with the way this remix is built you feel every word. “I could have it all, whenever you are near.” That’s a great line, sums up love pretty well no?

And, I suppose that this one is pretty good on drugs as well.


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