Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wolf Like Me

Song: Wolf Like Me
Artist: TV On The Radio
Album: Return to Cookie Mountain

Here is an odd one. TV On The Radio are a Brooklyn-based five piece that jumped onto the scene in 2004 with their debut record "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes." I missed the train on them back then but heard a lot of buzz about them, especially here in New York. They are lead by vocalist Tunde Adebimpe, a graduate from NYU's film school who directed the Yeah Yeah yeas video for "Pin" and multi-instrumentalist David Andrew Sitek, who produced the yeas Machine EP as well as their full length debut, "Fever to Tell."

"Return to Cookie Mountain," (which is not, as far as I know, a Super Mario Brothers game) came out early this month to almost universally positive praise. It's an odd record filled with time signature shifts in the middle of songs, chugging guitar riffs, and Beach Boys-like harmonies. (!?!) It is totally strange, but something that, with repeated listens, sounds better and better. Sometimes they sound like the Pixies, and sometimes thy just sound like something I've never heard before. "Wolf Like Me" is a great example of the record as a whole because at first it seems to crawl by, not very exciting. Repeated listens show that this is a pretty propulsive rock track, with a creepy predatory feel helped no doubt by having "wolf" in the title.

I'm going to seek out their debut, which is also supposed to be incredible.


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