Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jane Fonda

Song: Jane Fonda
Artist: Mickey Avalon
Album: Mickey Avalon

Okay... so listen to this song, and if you don't HATE it... listen to it again. Then, listen to it one more time.

You still with me?

So this reminds me of Beck's "Loser" or The Butthole Surfer's "Pepper. It sounds pretty crazy... which I guess is "fresh." It sounds like it was made on a computer in someone's very tiny apartment... which is so "now." I heard he was on "The Simple Life." Hmmm... maybe I love him.

Mickey Avalon is from Los Angeles. His look is very American Apparal meets Sunset Strip cerca like... never. The irony is pretty thick, and the more you listen you start to hear how lo fi it is... but that sort of works for it. It's not as good as say... M.I.A. but might be as good as The Streets. But it's different.

There is of course a MySpace Page... and the dude is on YouTube.

And by the fifth listen, I had realized I had my weekend anthem. Maybe Los Angeles isn't all bad. ;)

Thank you Scott for introducing me to Mr. Avalon!


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